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With a team of top-rated mobile diesel mechanics, Ontario Mobile Truck Service is Windsor, Ontario & the surrounding area's #1 choice for mobile heavy-duty truck repairs. We pride ourselves on our range of repair and maintenance services available onsite at your location. From brake system repairs & preventive maintenance, to diesel engine repair services, we do it all. If your truck needs professional attention, call Ontario Mobile today and let's get you moving again.

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Diesel mechanic performing wheel repairs on commercial truck

Heavy-Duty Mobile Repair SPecialists

Brake Systems: If your truck's brakes are making more noise than stopping power, it is time for a thorough check-up. We offer an all-encompassing brake repair service, addressing elements ranging from brake shoes to slack adjusters. In the realm of brakes, cutting corners is simply not an option.

EGR and DPF Repair: The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) play key roles in your emission system. If you are blowing black smoke or noticing abysmal fuel economy, it could be a sign that your EGR valve or DPF is crying out for help. We are talking about specialized cleaning and, sometimes, replacements.

Diagnostics: Specializing in JPRO's advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting functions, Ontario Mobile offers services for a wide range of on-road and off-road vehicles and machinery. JPRO presents a comprehensive vehicle overview, neatly organizing essential service data and problem-specific troubleshooting steps in one central. 

Coolant Systems Repair: Radiator leaks, water pump malfunctions, or coolant line issues can make the engine overheat. Let's get those sorted before your truck becomes a steaming roadside attraction.

HVAC Systems Repair: The HVAC system keeps your cabin. Issues with refrigerant leaks or faulty thermostats can become annoying during long days. And we all know the last thing you need is to.

Oil and Fluid Service: Regularly checking and replacing engine oil, gear oil, and other essential fluids can improve your truck's performance.

Tire Repair: Worn treads, punctures, or alignment issues in your tires can make a ride rougher than a cobblestone street. 

Transmission Repair: Transmission issues will lead to grinding gears and slippage in the transmission. A transmission that does not work properly means inefficient truck systems and lower fuel economy. 

Fleet Services: Using DiagnosticLink software, we deliver a finely-tuned computer-assisted diagnostic service, ideal for powertrains and Freightliner vehicle platforms. This comprehensive software presents vital ECU metrics, flags diagnostic error codes, and provides current instrumentation readings. We can also streamline your fleet operations with the PACCAR Davie 4. The PACCAR Davie 4 can test the DPF regenerations and discover hidden problems like miscalibrated ECU.

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Whatever your needs may be—be it for a heavy-duty, medium-duty, or light-duty vehicle—Ontario Mobile has got you covered. Reach out today and discover the Ontario Mobile difference. we are more than just a service; we are your partner on the road.

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Full-Service Truck Repair Shop

At Ontario Mobile, we offer the truck repair services you require. With all the latest tools and tech, we are capable of getting your truck repaired the right way, both in-shop and on a mobile basis. From axles and brake repairs, to transmissions & diesel engines, our top-rated diesel mechanics are only a phone call away.

Mobile diesel mechanic performing axle repair services on a semi truck in Windsor, Ontario

Axle Repair

Our veteran mechanics focus on enhancing your driving experience while minimizing component wear. We promise a longer, more durable life for heavy-duty axles and bearings.

Mobile diesel mechanic performing brake repairs on semi truck in Windsor, Ontario

Brake Repair

At Ontario Mobile Truck Service, your safety on the road is our utmost concern. This is why we provide extensive brake services to ensure your fleet operates smoothly and safely at all times

Diesel mechanic performing coolant system repairs on truck fleet in Windsor, Ontario

Coolant System Repair

We understand the critical importance of maintaining a robust engine cooling system for ensuring the sustained performance and longevity of medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles.

Heavy-duty diesel mechanic performing electrical repairs on semi truck in Windsor, Ontario

Diagnostics & Electrical Repair

Electrical glitches got you scratching your head? Say no more! We wield the latest diagnostic equipment to solve electrical issues.

Diesel mechanic performing driveline repairs on semi truck in Windsor, Ontario

Driveline Repair

Our primary focus revolves around the maintenance and repair of heavy-duty trucks, with a special emphasis on your drivetrain—an essential component in the overall functionality of your vehicle.

Heavy-duty diesel mechanic performing EGR & DPF services on semi truck in Windsor, Ontario


Our expert technicians specialize in maintaining and repairing Exhaust Gas Recirculation & Diesel Particulate Filter systems to ensure peak performance and minimal emissions.

Diesel mechanic performing diesel engine repair services in Windsor, Ontario

Engine Repair

Your truck's engine is the generator that powers your heavy-duty trucks. Your heavy-duty, medium-duty, or light-duty engine needs consistent care to keep your fleet moving.

Diesel mechanic performing exhaust system repairs on semi truck in Windsor, Ontario

Exhaust System Repair

We prioritize reducing your carbon footprint while optimizing your truck's performance, catering to both medium-duty and heavy-duty fleets with top-notch exhaust system repairs.

Mobile diesel mechanic performing HVAC system repairs on semi truck in Windsor, Ontario

HVAC System Repair

Ever wonder how the interior of your heavy-duty truck remains comfortable from blistering heat or frigid cold outside? The HVAC system is a complex system that warrants our attention.

Diesel mechanic performing oil & fluid service on semi truck in Windsor, Ontario

Oil & Fluid

These fluids ensure smooth engine operation, providing lubrication, cooling, and extending heavy-duty system life; without them, your truck's lifespan shortens significantly.

Diesel mechanic performing suspension repairs on semi truck in Windsor, Ontario

Suspension Repair

Let's remember that the suspension supports your vehicle during your trips. Both hefty loads or empty ones, without the suspension, you wouldn’t feel safe driving on the highways.

Diesel mechanic performing tire replacement services on semi truck in Windsor, Ontario

Tire Replacement

Many folks get concerned with what's under the hood. Remember what's under the frame—tires. With proper tire maintenance, increase its longevity and safety with just one inspection.

Diesel mechanic performing transmission repair on commercial semi truck in Windsor, Ontario

Transmission & Clutch Repair

The transmission refines your engine's power with its array of gears. Maintaining a lower RPM ensures fuel efficiency and prevents undue strain on the engine.

Knowledgeable, polite. Very experienced people, great to deal with any of my issues. I could go on for several pages but I have been around trucks/heavy equipment all my life and these guys rate at the top of my list.
Bruce Beaven

Anthony Johnson

5 stars review

Great guys. Fair prices. Know what they are doing. Will be back.

"I had a hub bearing go out on my truck. Butler's Truck Repair got me fixed up quickly and did great work at a very fair price. I highly recommend them for all repairs, from pickups to semi trucks. Thanks  to Sam for the great work."

Chris 95v

5 stars review

Recommended for all Truckers to take their work here, Ask for Jay ...He will take care of you :)

"I had a hub bearing go out on my truck. Butler's Truck Repair got me fixed up quickly and did great work at a very fair price. I highly recommend them for all repairs, from pickups to semi trucks. Thanks  to Sam for the great work."

ryan huta

5 stars review

Great shop. They got me in and out. Thanks Mike.

"I had a hub bearing go out on my truck. Butler's Truck Repair got me fixed up quickly and did great work at a very fair price. I highly recommend them for all repairs, from pickups to semi trucks. Thanks  to Sam for the great work."