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When you think about crucial components of your truck, the engine, brakes, or transmission might come to mind. But the windshield is often forgotten about. Providing more than just a clear view of the road, it is an essential feature that demands attention, especially regarding chips and cracks.

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Diesel mechanic performing windshield chip repair services on semi truck in Windsor, Ontario

What Happens When You Ignore a Chip?

A dreaded windshield chip—seemingly small but potentially disastrous. Ignoring a chip will risk your vehicle because you never know when it will turn into a full-blown crack, compromising your safety and your passengers. Not only do you risk further damage, but you may compromise your vehicle in MVIS inspections.

Windshield Chip Repair Services


Using resin injected into the chip alone is not recommended. Not only does resin only work with smaller cracks, but improper use may create unchangeable consequences. Filling the crack cannot be undone. Resin is only a temporary measure that may halt further cracking but does not repair or fix it. 

UV Light

When we use resin to fix small cracks, we follow up with a UV light to cure them. Curing is vital to hardening the resin and combining it with the windshield. This is where clarity repair comes into play, as a properly cured resin almost perfectly matches the windshield, making the chip nearly invisible. Although a DIY fix may temporarily fix the problem, our professional mechanics can repair chips as if nothing happened. 

Windshield Replacement 

Sometimes, a windshield crack grows to a point where a simple resin coat does not fix it. A large crack poses a danger to you; if an accident occurs, it affects others on the road. Do not fear the cost of a complete replacement when the crack becomes dangerously large. 

In most cases, insurance will cover the cost, but with our professional mechanics on the job, the replacement will make your heavy-duty windshield feel brand new.

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We bring expertise and high-quality materials for your heavy-duty vehicle. We are well-versed in heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty trucks. Trust us. We have seen everything—from minor road debris-induced chips to almost catastrophic windshield damages. And we have repaired them, too. Book an appointment today, and we will return your truck to peak performance. We want to give more to the community.

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