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Ontario Mobile Truck Service is your go-to resource for heavy-duty, light-duty, and medium-duty truck maintenance. You're likely already juggling many tasks if you're a truck driver or a fleet manager. When it comes to MVIS inspections, ensure your truck is always ready.

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Mobile diesel mechanic performing MVIS inspection in Windsor, ON

What is MVIS?

The Motor Vehicle Inspection Station (MVIS) program ensures that all vehicles on Ontario's roads meet safety and emission standards. While MVIS often pertains to passenger vehicles, it is equally essential for light-duty commercial trucks. An MVIS certificate demonstrates that your vehicle is safe, reliable, and compliant with all provincial regulations. This is crucial for public safety and is often a requirement for vehicle registration and insurance.

The MVIS Inspection Process

Initial Assessment

Once at an approved facility, we begin with an initial visual assessment to look for obvious safety hazards or defects. This sets the groundwork for a more detailed inspection to follow. 

Comprehensive Safety Checks

We check your vehicle’s vital components. Every part undergoes scrutiny, from brakes to lights to exhaust systems, to ensure it aligns with Ontario’s MVIS standards. It is not as intense and comprehensive as CVIP inspections, but it must cover all safety and emission standards the province sets. 

Emission Testing

In alignment with Ontario's commitment to environmental sustainability, your vehicle's emission system also undergoes rigorous testing. This ensures your vehicle is safe to operate and meets the province’s emissions standards.

Paperwork and Certification

Once your vehicle has passed all the necessary checks, we handle all the necessary paperwork and issue your MVIS certificate. This document is valid for registering your vehicle, renewing your license plate, and insurance purposes.

Why MVIS is Crucial for Commercial Trucks

Commercial trucks have a responsibility not just to the driver but also to other road users. An MVIS certification confirms that your truck is operating safely, protecting your business, your employees, and everyone else on the road. It can also lower your insurance premiums and reduce your liability in the event of an accident.

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail 

We can't stress enough the importance of daily inspections. If you detect problems before hitting the road, you're already ahead of the game. You can either conduct these yourself or rely on our qualified technicians.

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So, whether you're driving a light-duty pick-up or regular passenger car, we are your one-stop shop in the Windsor area for high-quality MVIS Inspections. Swing by Ontario Mobile Truck Service today. After all, is not peace of mind the ultimate destination?

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