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Managing a bus fleet is a complex task where safety and reliability are key. At Ontario Mobile, we understand the challenges of keeping buses roadworthy. Our specialized bus repair services include bus components like air brakes, diagnostics, and transmission checks. Count on us for all your bus repair needs.

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Mobile diesel mechanic performing bus repair services in Windsor, Ontario

Our Bus Repair Services:

Managing a bus fleet is not child's play. Safety is paramount, and unexpected downtime is not just an inconvenience. It can seriously dent your business and reputation. That is where our fleet services come in handy, offering you a one-stop-shop experience.

Core Bus Components

Contrary to popular belief, bus repair is not just a larger version of car repair. There are unique components that require specialized attention, including but not limited to the following:

Diagnostics: By leveraging JPRO's top-tier diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities, Ontario Mobile can handle both on and off-the-road buses. This tool presents a centralized view of your vehicle while displaying crucial service details and fault-focused troubleshooting guidance in one consolidated interface. Another diagnostic software we use is the PACCAR Davie 4 software. It has many functionalities—reset particulate trap codes for emission controls and enable clutch pedal position timer for optimal performance. With premium software, we guarantee more significant efficiency.

Air Brakes: Bigger than what you would find on a typical vehicle, these require precise adjustments and testing to ensure safe stopping. Our diagnostic software helps to calibrate the slack adjusters, and our expert mechanics will fix malfunctions like the brake air dryer. 

Power Steering Fluid: The hydraulic fluid here is vital for easy steering to prevent road accidents. This fluid significantly provides better steering control, especially at high speeds. Without the fluid, your steering wheel may feel like it has been locked.

Transmission Checks: Think of the transmission as the nerve center of your bus. Gears shift depending on road conditions and become essential for efficient performance. 

Differential: Differentials allow the same axle wheels to rotate at different speeds, which is crucial for those winding, hilly routes. Quick turns benefit from the differential.

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You cannot afford to gamble on maintenance or repair services when in the driver's seat. So if you are in the Windsor area, and have a bus, an entire fleet, or need expert care. Make a pit stop at Ontario Mobile Truck Service.

With our extended hours and mobile services, we are as flexible as they come. No one has time for a broken bus. Get ahead of the curve and ensure your vehicle is not just roadworthy but trustworthy with its responsibility.

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Our Mobile Diesel Mechanic Services

The diesel mechanic team at OMTS proudly provides Windsor, ON & the surrounding area with top-rated mobile truck repair & maintenance services. With a wide range of diesel mechanic services, you can count on us to get your vehicle moving again. We come to your location to perform repairs onsite, from preventive maintenance, roadside assistance or MVIS inspections, to truck, trailer, or bus repairs. Call today!