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Welcome to Ontario Mobile Truck Service, your trusted partner for all things fleet and machinery maintenance. Planning for failure saves time, especially in preventative care for heavy-duty, light-duty, and medium-duty vehicles. Let's keep your wheels turning smoothly!

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Diesel mechanic performing preventive maintenance services on commercial truck in Windsor, ON

Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Have you ever been caught in an unexpected breakdown? Your heavy-duty truck hums smoothly on the road, but then smoke starts escaping your hood out of nowhere. A malfunction happens. What was once a formidable machine gets reduced to a system of metals. Now understand that these hiccups are preventable, here is how. 

Fleet Services

For fleet managers, think of preventive maintenance as the backbone of a high-performing fleet, and we have you covered from A to Z. With our series of services, we are your one-stop shop for fleet excellence. Preventative maintenance acts are a measure of protection against unexpected downtime. 

What Goes Into Preventive Maintenance?

A preventive maintenance check is not just your run-of-the-mill oil change. It is a detailed examination that includes but is not limited to:

Oil Filters: Regularly changing them can extend your engine’s lifespan. Ignore them, and you will grind away your engine's longevity and components.

Tire Inspections: Tire inspections are essential to preventative maintenance because they can cause inefficiencies for your vehicle. Uneven tire tread, punctures, or lack of tread will reduce fuel economy, lower truck longevity, and risk driver safety. We ensure that your tires meet necessary road standards for our community safety. 

Coolant Levels: This one is a lifesaver, especially in sweltering summers and freezing winters. Incorrect levels can cause overheating or freezing.

Diagnostics: With the JPRO for cutting-edge diagnostic and troubleshooting services. This tool is equally effective for road vehicles and industrial machinery, offering a thorough, end-to-end overview of your vehicle's status. Critical service records and targeted troubleshooting advice are neatly displayed for your convenience. 

Crankshaft Bearings: The bearings prevent friction with the help of oil. Neglect them, and you may compromise other aspects of your heavy-duty truck. A spun rod, for example, is the crankshaft bearing and oil issue that may cause costly damage to your engine. The lack of lubrication causes friction and heat, so the bearings weld into the crankshaft.

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Preventive maintenance is not just a checklist; it is a peace-of-mind guarantee. We are here when you need us, with hours that accommodate even the busiest trucker or fleet manager. So, swing by Ontario Mobile if you are in or around Windsor, ON. We offer practical and efficient preventive maintenance. We are the kind of shop that believes in doing things right the first time. 

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Our Mobile Diesel Mechanic Services

The diesel mechanic team at OMTS proudly provides Windsor, ON & the surrounding area with top-rated mobile truck repair & maintenance services. With a wide range of diesel mechanic services, you can count on us to get your vehicle moving again. We come to your location to perform repairs onsite, from preventive maintenance, roadside assistance or MVIS inspections, to truck, trailer, or bus repairs. Call today!